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The store for raw materials

The store of the raw materials has three ceiling crane and one lift truck of 7 tons, and about 5000 sqm. Reinforced metal frame hall, and 5000 sqm. Space under the cranes that are able to load and discharge about 500 tons of the material every day.


Designing and engineering

Designing and engineering unit, as one of the most important parts of the forging company, uses experienced engineers, uses software and new designing methods in order to achieve the goals of the company in raising the quality and satisfy the customers. Producing parts according to request of the customer in shortest time and economic use other raw material and observing the quality of the part, are the main policies of the designing and engineering department. Therefore, in this unit, designing the molds are carried out using CAD software, and the provided model from primary design of the model is used for modeling the forging process. Modeling the process is carried out using Deform2D, Deform3D, Simufact forming software.

These software makes the modeling of the most complex forging parts using the finite element and finite volume software. Using the modeling process, the necessary force for production of part, applied forces to the mold, probable problems of the part and material process will be determined in two and three dimensional form and designs of the molds and raw material continuously are amended for removing the probable problem and optimizing the production process.


Engineering software

AutoCad for drawing two-dimensional drawings

Catia for modeling and providing two-dimensional drawings

Power Shape for modeling

Power Mill for creating NC machining codes

Deform 2D for modeling the process of forming asymmetrical parts

Deform 3D for modeling the process of forming three-dimensional parts

Simufact forming for modeling the process of forming two and three dimensional parts

Geomagic for processing the super points and reverse engineering




Molding equipment

Three-axis MAHO, CNC Milling machine- Germany

Four-axis BOKO, CNC Milling machine- Germany

Five-axis Ingersoll Bohle, CNC Milling machine- Germany

Four-axis SHW, CNC Milling machine- Germany, 8000 x 2500 x 900 mm

AGIE Spark machines- Switzerland

CNC- AGIE   Wire cut machines- Switzerland

DEGUSSA, Vacuum furnaces, Germany


(FCAW)-KESPAR & LINKOLN, Cored welding machine

DEA-(CMM)-8000 Coordination measurement machine, Italy, 3000 x 1000 x 1000 mm

Universal milling and lathe machines

Flat and round grinding machine

Universal sharpening and cutting tools producing machines


Forging unit

14 press lines with 200 to 8000 ton capacity has led the forging company to produce wide range of alloy and aluminum steels.


Press lines of the forging unit

  • 8000 ton mechanical forging press- made by EUMUCO of Germany
  • 4000 ton mechanical forging press- made by EUMUCO of Germany
  • 2500 ton mechanical forging press- made by EUMUCO of Germany and Massey of the UK
  • 2000 ton mechanical forging press- made by AJAX of the USA
  • 1600 ton mechanical forging press- made by AJAX of the USA
  • 1300 ton mechanical forging press- made by Massey of the UK
  • 1000 ton mechanical forging press- made by Massey of the UK
  • 600 ton mechanical forging press- made by Massey of the UK
  • 900 ton horizontal press- made by EUMUCO of Germany
  • 200 ton horizontal press- made by EUMUCO of Germany

Every press line is equipped with induction furnace and trim and punching press.


Heating operation

Forging company can have heating operations on small and big parts up to 1200 x 1180 mm, Anil isothermal heating operations, normalizing, Anil work, hardening, tempering and nitration. In order to be sure of the results of the heating treatment according to request of the customers, physical tests of the materials and metallography is carried out based on international standards.


The equipment of heating treatment

  • SAS hardening furnace- UK
  • SAS tempering furnace- UK
  • SAS continuous furnace- UK
  • DEGUSSA vacuum furnace- Germany

Complementary operation

Using the shot blasting machine, the oxidized layer is removed from the surface and the final part is forged. In order to have exact measures, the final process such as punching and queening are executable after heating treatment and shot blasting.


The equipment of the complementary operation

  • Hanging shot blast machine
  • Shot blast machine
  •  750 ton hydraulic press
  • 1000 ton hydraulic press


High quality engineering

The parts are inspected, registered and recorded continuously during the process until final inspection before packing and transporting the parts.


Control equipment

  • Metallography Lab
  • Beating test machine
  • Stretching test machine
  • Rakol hardening test machine
  • Brinel hardening test machine
  • Magnetic crack finding machine
  • IH Scan machine for finding cracks, hardness and structure
  • CMM machine




Using different equipment such as milling, lathe and assembly machines, function tests, dimension control equipment in machining, the forging company was able to produce high quality parts in shortest time for different industries.


The equipment of the machining unit

  • Three-axis MAHO, CNC Milling machine- Germany
  • Four-axis BOKO, CNC Milling machine- Germany
  • Universal milling and lathe machines
  • Machining, tapping etc.
  • Assembly machines equipped with automatic control system
  • High-frequency resistance and fatigue test machine able to draw force graphs
  • Torque measuring machine able to draw torque graphs
  • Smoothness tester for glob, column and flat surfaces


Public meeting (18.07.2017)


The annual public meeting of the stockholders of the TMC forging company was held at 9 o'clock on 18.07.2017 in Hotel Spinas Palace, located in No. 21, 33rd St. Behroud Sq. Saadatabad, Tehran.


Domestic car manufacturers

Related industries:

Car manufacturing industry, agricultural machineries, heavy machineries such as tractor, Khavar, Benz 352 and 355, forging all parts of the gearbox and engine


The parts related to mentioned industries

All gears of gearbox, suspension system, engine, axle, bracket, dead axle, triangle, wheel ball, connecting rod, crown wheel, pinion, gear, crankshaft, camshaft, differential cross pin, shift fork, steering roll arm, spline, Mendel bush, flange


Our costumes in the market:


Some our successful projects:

Producing and delivery of more than 80 percent of parts to Iran Khodro in forging company and concluding new contracts, new parts and changing the production method of some casted parts to forged ones that causes raise in tonnage. Such as camshaft and crankshaft for cars


Forty years of experience in producing parts from 100 gram to 100 kilogram and having 16 production line from 200 ton to 8000 ton and using experienced human force and updated and advanced equipments for designing and manufacturing different types of mold in accordance with update European standards, having engineering unit for quality and update knowledge and European equipments



Forging company was able to take effective steps during previous years to remove the problems of the industrial units and in fact has a leading role in domestic market and considering the software and hardware in the company, the most complex parts that rival domestic companies cannot produce them, are designed and produced in our company. Moreover, one of the most important achievements of the company is its continuous sales of the products and export to countries such as Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Dubai, Pakistan and Turkey.

In addition to producing and delivery of forged parts, during last year, the company has achieved great successes for designing, producing and delivery of different molds and die casts, especially for Iran Khodro Co. By concluding contracts with the mentioned company, the company now is able to have domestic production that previously was imported from Spain, Korea and Italy.

The list of the molds is as follows:

  1. The shell of the clutch EF7
  2. Full set of the cylinder head TU5
  3. Full set of the cylinder head TU3
  4. Bearing of TU3
  5. Cylinder block TU3
  6. Cambering EF7
  7. Cylinder block of XU7
  8. Full set of cylinder head EF7
  9. Ladder type mold
  10. Cylinder head cover EF7
  11.  Full cylinder head +TU5
  12.  Full set of cylinder head XU7
  13.  Clutch shell EF1