Iran Tractor Forging Company

The largest and most equipped hot forging factory in the Middle East

Production workshop

Sixteen Forge lines with 200 to 8000 tons capacity in horizontal and vertical types


Utilizing the advanced techniques


Designing high precision parts in the shortest time


Has the best control mechanisms all over the country

Iran Tarctor Forging company in 1987 as the largest and most well-equipped forging company in the country and also the Middle East. Iran Tarctor Forging company is a separated and 4055 registered number with the registration office of Tabriz. After separation, the major shares belong to the tractor company and then transferred to the organization for the promotion and modernization of Industries orgnization of Iran. In 2001, in accordance with the system of state-owned major stock of the company, was granted by the Organization for the Promotion and Modernization of Industries orgnization of Iran through the Stock Exchange and the Private Sector (Bavili Family), and eventually in 2010, The shares of this company have been transferred to the current management.
The forging company has an area of ​​about 10 hectares and an indoor area of ​​100,000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of 25,000 tons, due to the variety of parts.
Iran Tarctor Forging company Utilize the world advanced equipment, it has been able to provide various services in the fields of forging, mold making, heat treatment, quality and machining. The Iran Tarctor Forging company offers a range of important and safety components in various industries, including automotive, agriculture, oil and gas, railways and offshore, construction and mining, and general engineering. The company's exclusive ability to produce a variety of crankshafts, along with the production of parts weighing 200 g to 150 kg.


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How to order your products?

To order the products, the offer will be submitted to the forge concordance plan or the machining plan or sample of the parts along with the raw material specifications of the product to be sent to the forging company and after the evaluation by the expert team, the price will be announced. Be careful not to scratch 10,000 pieces and heavy pieces below 2000 because of the high cost of finished molds.

How can we know the price of the products?

The price of the product after the ordering of the customer is determined according to the consumables, piece weight, order number.

Do you hire a new force to work in the industrial sector?

The company, with its ongoing development and self-sustaining development projects, such as the launch of a pipeline pipeline, is implementing a project related to new contracts with the need to recruit.

Latest News

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The bright prospect of tractor construction in the year 2017/ Export growth and continued profitability

The annual general meeting of the shareholders of Iran Tractor Forging Company was held at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, July 27, 2017, in Sa'adat Abad, 33, No. 21, Beirut Square, Spinas Palace Hotel.

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Perspective of the status of Iran Tractor Tractor Company in 2017

The production forecast for 2017 is to produce 170000 tons of forging pieces, of which 1,500 tons are related to export forecasts and 1,500 tons of domestic sales.
Sales in 2017 are expected to reach 1470000 million rials.


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