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Since 1981, we offer our customers best quality and now we can say that we are the best!

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I.T. Forging is specialized in metal forming or forging technology which is.
Through our experience and expertise in forging of steel and aluminum we have been worldwide active since 1981.

With 100,000 square meters, we are a leader in metalworking, so we have a huge production capacity of 40,000 tons per year.
Of course, we are TÜV tested and certified, our high quality standards in the steel processing and the processing of aluminum are subject to strict,
regular inspections by our quality manager. Our own engineers are happy to produce for you custom molds/ Dies according to your requirements and wishes, we work with the latest CAD software, to offer a 3D modeling for your needs.

In the production tool, we offer quality-oriented problem-solving processes and Toolkits for complete assemblies, including associated measurement and tolerance concepts. For the production of special tools of all kinds, is also part of the feasibility study, creating the production concepts and the professional hedging of production by previous simulation with CAM software of the manufacturing process.

When plastic forming of metals is a distinction between hot, warm and cold forming.
The hot forming is done with us always in several stages and we use for the production of a component always several steps to achieve the best possible result.
The cold forming according to DIN 8582 will take place around 20 ° Celsius without heating or at room temperature. This method provides only a slight change of shape possible using high forming forces.

The hot forming according to DIN 8582 is done under warming of the blank for steel 1000-1250 ° Celsius. Hereby is achieved that the force can be reduced in contrast to cold forming to the 8 to 10 fold.
A further important advantage of hot forming is that very large shape changes can be achieved by this method.

Benefit from our long experience

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Through our over 30 years grown forming equipment and the equally long developed and grown experience of our engineers, we are operational in all application areas and sizes and guarantee the highest quality of our products. We are specialists in the hot forming or forging technology. High quality raw materials are heated and then brought in several forming into the desired shape. The automotive industry is therefore in addition to the heavy-duty industry, the drive and motor industry, the aerospace industry and the tooling industry one of our main applications.
We respond to the needs of vehicle parts manufacturers, the need for the special demands in the automotive industry heat treated steel.
Through our press lines, we also have the possibility of tailor-made aluminum profiles for you to produce. With a pressure of up to 8,000 tons.
Thermal further treatment we achieve the desired strength.
Please do not hesitate to talk to us, we have found already for the most incredible problems constructive solutions.